About Us

Our Experience Shows:
There is very limited early stage venture capital investments on the East Coast including in the CleanTech space, and traditionally companies often have to go to the West Coast to find funding. Gaia Ventures intend to change that.

The adoption of many energy and CleanTech products are driven by Federal, State and local government entities and by private and public utilities. Gaia Ventures has the experience and connections to help its portfolio companies succeed in this space.

Reinventing Venture Capital
We will manage smaller focused funds and actively support our portfolio companies operationally and with business development. Our partners recognize that many CleanTech innovations have ready applications in established industries and hence may be developed efficiently in partnership with leading corporations rather than in competition with them

Partnership Approach:
We work with inventors and entrepreneurs to develop high success-rate commercialization strategies for advanced materials innovations. We work with major corporations to assess their core needs and capacities. Accordingly we help establish collaborations and partnerships between our portfolio companies and leading established corporations. This will increase the development and commercialization efficiency.