The Team

The Gaia Venture Team brings together a range of skills not normally seen in VC.
Extensive venture capital experience on both sides of the table, all three managing directors have extensive start-up experience and have founded several successful companies.
They have established close relationships with Federal, State City agencies, utilities and the entrepreneur community that focuses on the CleanTech space.
Finally, they have consulted for numerous companies and established a formalized framework to coach companies and guide them to grow their business based on the FastTrac approach.

Arthur Kressner
Arthur Kressner was until recently the Director of Research and Development, Power Supply, at the Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., where he was responsible for developing and managing R&D for Con Edison and Orange and Rockland Utilities. He manages a program developing technology for electricity transmission, distribution, control center operations, substations, customer operations and energy efficiency.
He is focused on the development and demonstration of new power delivery equipment, software models, sensors, feasibility and engineering studies. Among his responsibilities during his career at Con Edison have been the Chief Chemical Engineer and Plant Manager of Arthur Kill and Ravenswood Power Generating Stations. 
Mr. Kressner has been in leadership roles at local, state and national levels in areas of energy policy, energy efficiency, customer end-use and various national energy, environmental and public health programs. Artie is a  co-author of ”Computer-Aided Lean Management for The Energy Industry”, a book relating the application of lean management principles and advance machine learning and analytical tools to the energy industry and the smart grid as well as authored and co-authored many papers related to energy efficiency, information technology, management and computer modeling. He has several awarded patents regarding charging electric vehicles as well as patents pending related to other inventions. He is a graduate engineer with a Bachelor degree from Brooklyn Polytechnic and Masters from New York University.

Franklin Madison
As Managing Director of Technology Programs at the Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation of New York  he is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of new initiatives to grow high-technology firms in NYC. Madison is a trusted advisor to CEOs of high tech companies in areas as diverse as cleantech, virtualization and defense technologies.
Madison’s venture capital experience on the advisory boards of Greenhills Ventures LLC; SJF Advisory Services; SpringLab and recently as a founding member of NYCSeed an early stage fund targeting software developers.
Franklin has served as Secretary/Treasurer of Games 4Change, Inc. who forges links between the electronic and casual game industry to benefit education, training, health, and public policy. Franklin has served on the Board of Directors for battery technology market entrant Gaia Power Technologies and currently sits on the Boards of EcoLogic Solutions and Sollega; both cleantech startups in NYC and is an advisor to EnergyHub which was named a Best Invention of 2009 by Time Magazine
In 2001 Madison was named one of Crain’s Tech 100, a listing of the Top 100 individuals in technology in New York City as chosen by Crain’s NY Business.  He  has provided advise to the City, State and Universities on technology based economic development (TBED) and has served on Mayor Bloombergs Telecommunications Policy Advisory Group.

Dr. Ib I. Olsen
Dr. Olsen is an authority in the field of CleanTech, with the focus on energy storage, advanced battery and fuel cell development, integration of renewable energy, UV-treatment, and gasification. He is an invited speaker at trade conferences and he has authored more than 20 papers and scientific publications. Dr. Olsen’s groundbreaking work in UV-treatment and the battery and fuel cell technology field has awarded him more than 30 patents.
Dr. Olsen has formulated and implemented market strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and he has implemented various scale-up and commercialization concepts for CleanTech products within Fortune 500 companies and various successful start-ups.
Currently, Dr. Olsen  provides business strategy and market research to a wide range of companies including several on the Fortune 500 list. He also consult with financial institutions about the general CleanTech industry and especially around renewable energy, energy storage and fuel cells, plus he review business plans as an external advisor for several entities.
Previous employment includes Gaia Power Technologies, eVionyx, Saft America and Valence Technology.
Dr. Olsen holds a Ph. D. in Chemistry from the University of Odense in Denmark and a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Denmark’s Technical University.